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Gas Fireplaces in Wichita Kansas

Gas fireplaces in Wichita Ks have come a long way in the past 25 years – just like computers. Technology keeps making things faster, more efficient and meeting higher performance standards. Today’s gas fireplaces have more options and designs than ever before.

For instance, 25 years ago, gas fireplace manufacturers tried to mimic their wood counterparts. Now they are imitating wood burning fireplaces or going contemporary in ways fireplaces have never been used before – with wide screen fireplaces that balance out the new T.V.’s or niche fireplaces that can be used in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and in outdoor areas.

They have many color options and instead of logs, some Fireplaces use colored glass or river rocks on the burners. The technology behind many options today allow for great versatility and efficiency, especially the direct vent technology . It enables the manufacturers to use only outside air flowing into the fireplace and exhausting it all out of the building - without entering the room or using the air from the house (in other words, not using air that you’ve already paid to heat once).

Thus, the direct vent feature also allows for heating more economically. In some applications, the direct vent fireplace can be vented horizontally through the side of a home. So if you need to just warm a room or take the chill out of a basement – or have a new house that needs a “wow” factor, we have many fireplaces to choose from and many on display in our new showroom. Contact us today to set an appointment and see how our product lines can help you find the fireplace that works best for you.

Count on Wichita Wood Stoves to always bring you the very best price and Gas Fireplaces in Wichita Kansas.