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Pellet Stoves In Wichita Ks

Did you know that Wichita Wood Stoves is a leading supplier of Pellet Stoves in Wichita Ks?

It's also possible that your new Pellet Stove purchase may qualify you for a Federal Tax Credit making the purchase of a new stove even more appealing.

We have provided our customers in Wichita Kansas Pellet Stoves for many years and sell many high quality name brand stoves that cannot be purchased at your local discount hardware and lumber supply.

Pellet fuel is made from compressed saw dust from lumber mills and factories, diverting millions of tons of waste from landfills and creating an

Environmentally friendly energy source. Pellet stoves /inserts are a simple to use heating unit that allow you the advantages of a secondary heating option, to reduce high home heating bills from fluctuating oil, natural gas, LP, or electricity. Pellet stoves have lots of flexibility in where they can be installed. Most can be as close as 3” to a combustible wall. The flue can vent horizontal through a wall or vertically through a roof. Pellet inserts can slide into an existing wood fireplace.

Pellet stoves/inserts are power vented and very efficient so they can use smaller 3” or 4” pellet (or bio mass) flue not much bigger than a dryer vent on the side of the house. Most pellet stoves look similar to wood stoves and are close in shape and size. Most are made of steel or cast iron with glass doors to enjoy they warmth and beauty of a real fire.

Use and care of the stove is simple , add pellets to the hopper and set the desired heat output (usually a thermostat) start the unit and pellets are fed into the stoves burn pot with an auger system. Most stoves will deliver 20,000 to 50,000 BTUs for as much as 24 hours or more on a single load.

It is important to maintain your pellet stove / insert by keeping the burn pot area clean , and ash drawer emptied and the glass clean. Annual maintenance is always recommended to inspect the stoves systems and clean the stove and flue. And with proper use and maintenance your stove will provide you with many years of warm comfort and savings.

Providing high quality Pellet Stoves In Wichita Ks is one of our specialties and you can always count on Wichita Wood Stoves to bring you the best products and service.