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Zone Heating?

Zone heating is green heating – it puts the heat where and when you need it – but doesn’t waste it. Zone heating is a term often used to indicate the use of a stove, insert, fireplace or gas logs to heat areas most frequently used in an effort to lower heating costs, help conserve energy and provide warmth with less waste. To use zone heating, the homeowner simply turns down the furnace thermostat and uses a fireplace or similar heat source to provide warmth in that “zone”. The results can be a reduction of energy usage and costs by between 20-40%, depending on the household and temperature preferences.

Without a doubt, today’s consumer is “green” conscious and places a priority on products that help promote a healthier lifestyle and environment, are earth-friendly and help increase energy savings. Great strides are being made that create products that produce lower emissions, maximize heat performance and ambience for the current and future homeowner. “Biomass” fuel for heating is the use of clean, renewable sources such as wood and pellets. These are two great green alternatives that help to eliminate approximately 75% of carbon emissions that have been associated with the use of fossil fuels for heating.